Cogumelando is a huge family, created by multiple efforts. So this yearbook with our viewers and friends is my way to say “thank you” to everyone that make all that success happen. Thank you so much, folks. We are doing a great service! I’m using here the Twitch nickname and the date which they followed the channel for the first time. It’s only for already followed the channel for more than 1 year. Enjoy!

Requeriments: 1) For viewers that followed the channel at least 1 year ago | 2) If you want to participate, send a face picture of something that represents you having 354 x 472 px | 3) Must be something that you created, internet or people pic are not allowed | 4) Put the image in the and send to

Azzator thumb BloodySinner thumb BrunnoSouza thumb Caiusto thumb Danex1234 thumb
Azattor BloodySinner BrunnoSouza Caiusto Danex1234
30/Jul/2013 1/Out/2012 23/Aug/2012 29/Sep/2013 14/Aug/2012
Drakeny thumb edu_moonwalker2 thumb Grungen thumb Gustavo_Rosa17 thumb Henrique_de_Jandira7074
Drakeny Edu_
Grungen Gustavo_
21/Out/2012 25/Jun/2013 2/Nov/2012 22/Mar/2014 5/Feb/2013
hitmanpgk thumb IkaroKruz thumb Imperador_Schnitzel thumb Klonepa thumb L_Lesonier thumb
Hitmanpgk IkaroKruz Imperador_
Klonepa L_Lesonier
27/Aug/2012 30/Jun/2013 5/Apr/2015 1/Dec/2013 30/Jan/2014
Lockheart_93 thumb MagnusGallant02 thumb Morao021 thumb Nouveauvieux thumb Petwisk thumb
Lockheart_93 Magnus
Morao021 NouveauVieux Petwisk
29/Sep/2013 11/Jul/2013 31/Out/2012 23/Sep/2012 19/Nov/2012
Pulte thumb RafaelViglietti thumb RodolfoalvesSG thumb Shadow_scorpion thumb Sp4ceAce
Pulte RafaelViglietti Rodolfo
28/Out/2012 5/Dec/2014 8/Jan/2013 2/Out/2013 21/Apr/2014
Stmbgr thumb Switch_Z thumb TaihChan thumb thehitman_br WalterWorldGames
Stmbgr Switch_Z TaihChan thehitmanbr WalterWorld
2/Sep/2013 2/Sep/2012 9/Out/2012 13/Aug/2013 ?/?/2015
WellRodri thumb WilliamD1k0 Zeke_Brazil thumb hellsangel acssofiati thumb
WellRodri WilliamD1k0 Zeke_Brazil Hellsangel79
22/Dec/2014 29/Dec/2014 3/Nov/2012 19/Apr/2015
ArcanusTX thumb Crimson_Acerola thumb Dannsbago thumb Gilgamesh100 thumb LosLanas thumb
ArcanusTX Crimson_
Dannsbago Gilgamesh100 LosLanas
19/Nov/2013 20/Apr/2013 23/Sep/2012 12/Jan/2014 ?/?/2013
LucasCAPS thumb Viviane_Nobre thumb Matrigre thumb Seoron thumb truxton_star thumb
LucasCaps Viviane_
Matrigre Seoron Truxton_Star
10/May/2015 18/Aug/2013 26/Apr/2015 21/Dec/2014 14/Feb/2014
YoraeRasante thumb SasukePrist thumb Victoorrr thumb Belenva thumb Crissaegrimm thumb
YoraeRasante SasukePrist Victoorrr Belenva Crissaegrimm
5/Apr/2013 1/Apr/2015 25/Nov/2012 25/Mar/2014 9/Feb/2013
Fla__Sh thumb slothking1307 thumb toshibr thumb cuida99 thumb ricardozangelmi thumb
 Fla_Sh Slothking1307 ToshiakiBR Cuida99 RicardoZangelmi
30/Sep/2012 7/Apr/2013  23/Mar/2014 16/Aug/2012  30/Nov/2012
chitaumyb daimonmasaruyb linkhackyb  rgmtjyb  
Chitaum DaimonMasaru LinkHack RgmTj MarkLeo09
12/Dec/2012 2/Sep/2012 20/May/2013  18/May/2015 29/Aug/2013